Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice

These qualifications is aimed at learners aged 19 and are designed to deliver the knowledge to learners to enable them to provide Internal Quality Assurance of processes and practices either within a centre delivering regulated qualifications or the full IQA course for those who wish to quality assure within an educational environment.

This qualification is made up of two units, the first unit is Understanding the Internal Quality assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice and can be completed 100% online through our virtual learning environment as it is theory based only.

If you would like to gain the full qualification you will need to do both the theory online and practical modules where you quality assure the assessment decisions of learners work, across a range of units and evidence your work by completing a comprehensive portfolio to document your decisions.

Although this is a distance course and you do not need to come to any class sessions, if you need help, you can contact your tutor through the virtual learning environment or contact us direct to help you gain your qualification. 

To meet the learning outcomes for this qualification you must be internally quality assuring a portfolio based complex qualification with a minimum of two modules.

How it works - Online /Blended - Full Qualification

  • You receive a unique login to our Moodle Based Virtual Learning Environment for eight months
  • Videos, lessons, hand-outs and examples are available for each module to ensure that you have the information you need to complete your assessment.
  • You download a word document templates that include the question for each assessment
  • The completed assessment is uploaded to the Virtual Learning Environment
  • Our tutors grade the assessment and provide feedback and guidance to ensure that each module is completed successfully before you move onto the next one.
  • Complete your IQA practical modules which is quality assuring the assessment decisions of learners work across a range of units and complete a comprehensive portfolio to document and evidence your work.
  • Submit your portfolio

This course is designed to fit in around your work and home life and enables you to complete a module at a time, each assessment is marked and you will receive feedback from your tutor via the virtual learning environment.

Our tutors endeavour to mark all work submitted as quickly as possible however you must allow up to 48 hours for your assessments to be marked.

You will need :-

  • A laptop or computer
  • Internet access
  • Microsoft Word
  • You will need to
  • The ability to watch and listen to videos online through your computer
  • The ability to download word document templates, save them to your hard drive and upload the completed work by browsing to where the file is held on your computer

Who is this course for?

This is for people who want to Internally Quality Assure within and educational setting.

Course Fee Includes Certification and ...

  • Access to our Virtual Learning Environment for 8 months
  • Online Tutor support

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ELCAS Course Code IQA